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Credential Preparation

Credential Preparations

Book learning and theory are not enough to qualify an individual to be competent in his or her field. For example, genealogy researchers usually need to apply the book learning and theory they have learned to be proficient. This proficiency can be obtained by working as a volunteer research assistant in a genealogy society or Family History Center when training and follow-up is provided, and when the individual is asked to train others.

An apprentice or intern who works in an archive, library, or for a professional company that specializes in their regional area of interest can gain the type of experience sought after in the genealogy industry. Becoming prepared to take and pass a competency examination is a combination of team research work, watched over by a mentor, and by taking classes when specific work is required.

Study the requirements for becoming a credentialed genealogist by visiting www.icapgen.org, going to the free lessons suggested at their web site, attending the training courses at http://www.slcccontinuinged.com/genealogy, and learning about courses at www.byu.edu.