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Mission at Practical Family History Training

The domain name “KarenClifford.com” was a gift that had never been used. I take advantage of it now for several reasons. First, to find lost friends, relatives, and students. I lost them as a result of 47 moves, and when several went to new destinations as well. Then new work technologies replaced my old operating system and sadly some versions of my address book. I thought having a Web site with an easy-to-remember name might be a quick for people to find me. Internet search engines can be wonderful for finding things you need.

As a shy little girl, I was drawn to caring people who gathered and shared things about their families. I like to see slides of other people’s vacations, and read the journals of others not even related to me. In time I grew up to become a college genealogy teacher.

I also inherited from my mother a desire for empty space and order. This efficiency allows me to have more time for living family and friends. Technology provided order in the midst of human chaos. Thus a genealogy technologist evolved.

Genealogists at their best are a patient, compassionate, and grateful lot—perhaps because they assimilate wisdom from the foibles of those they researched. At our worst we may spend too much time looking for dead relatives and as a result overlook the speed at which those around us have blossomed in their own worlds.

Fortunately our lives can be balanced. Sharing the personal trials of my ancestors, helped my family overcome some of their own modern-day experiences. Studying the lives of others through multiple lens helped me become less judgmental of myself and others.

My son is an artist and helped me design this site. Thanks, Mike! As I told my family, it is great being a cartoon. All it takes to look slimmer is pinching together the image.

I hope this site will be helpful to you in the future. This is my place to record observations, insights, and learning experiences that might assist others in working through the puzzles in their own past and thus weld links between family members. For those new friends who stumble across this page, the bio on the next page can be helpful and there is a recent picture to assist in the evaluation.