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My Teaching Philosophy

Competency in genealogy education takes place when:

The curriculum is well designed by genealogy professionals, who:

  • Are both experienced research professionals as well as trained curriculum developers.
  • Develop systematic activities to match competency requirements.
  • Provide a series of learning activities aimed at achieving the required objectives.

Learners (whether complete beginners or striving professionals) are highly motivated and work at a steady pace to:

  • Progress through essential phases of genealogy training.
  • Participate in mentored research experiences.
  • Determine through class activities and experiences with Family History Centers, genealogy societies, and professional genealogists the areas in which they wish to specialize.

Learners have access to mentors who provide support by:

  • Developing an agreement that includes both goals and a schedule for reaching those goals.
  • Helping learners overcome difficult research problems.
  • Using curriculum milestones to help learners achieve.
  • Watching student progress, encouraging student self assessment, and providing formative feed-back.
  • Training learners to become future mentors by providing a comfortable and encouraging learning environment as they work together on research problems, ask probing questions, and offer suggestions.

Some essential knowledge for the beginning genealogist can be found at Free Lessons.